Robert Gillings

“Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the market…”

The Kings of Brooklyn traces the rise and fall of three friends raised on the streets and schoolyards of Brooklyn, looking for a better life, looking to become The Kings of Brooklyn. Can the bonds they forged growing up overcome the greed, lust and bloodthirsty ambition that threatens to destroy more than just their friendships?

Robert Gillings is an award winning writer, producer, actor architectural designer, philosopher and financial consultant. This page is dedicated to his featured production: The Kings of Brooklyn.


robert gillings

In a world where loyalty is bought and sold and trust a liability, no one is safe from the corrupting power of greed: friends, lovers even family become no more than pawns in a crooked game spiraling ever further out of their control.

The story opens with  Chris Parmel (William McNamara) turning down a promotion to his company’s West Coast office to stay near his smart and sexy medical student girlfriend Mary but finds himself a prisoner of mediocrity.

robert gillings

When Chris teams up with his buddies, Vince (Billy Gallo) and Sandy (Neal Minahan), he enters the high pressure world of a Wall Street brokerage house. Rising from  “the Pit” to the executive suite seems within his grasp if he willing to sacrifice enough. But on Wall Street enough is never enough and Chris is soon out of his depth, not so much swimming with the sharks as from them.

“…there’s only two problems with stocks.
One is that you don’t own any…
the other is that you do.”

robert gillings

The trio becomes infected by greed and lurch from one shady firm to another, and one bad stock recommendation to another. For every step they seem to take up the ladder they lose a little bit more of their souls, their vision of right and wrong clouded by their passion for a game. Streetwise Vince is lost in the fast lane, chasing easy money and making all the wrong enemies. Simple, sweet-natured Sandy is reduced to stealing from his mother while lying to all the clients who are fast going broke.

“…forget the cheese, just let me out of the trap…”

robert gillings

Inevitably their paper empire falls apart and all hell breaks loose.  Chris  is “befriended” by the master of this twisted little universe of fraud and deception. In his blind pursuit of wealth and power Chris risks losing his one true love,  lured by the empty promise of fast money. Once the trap is sprung the three friends are left to face the music, to accept responsibility for their naiveté, greed greed and boundless ambition and for the pain and suffering they have caused to all that love them